• 1934
    (b.) -
    2008 December 09


In June of 1966, Fergason joined the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University as its associate director. Here, in 1969, he made his seminal discovery of a low-power, field-operated LC display, known as the twisted nematic cell. These displays were superior to the earlier dynamic scattering displays, and soon became widespread. The technology was patented in the United States in 1971, while Martin Schadt and Wolfgang Helfrich of Hoffmann-LaRoche patented similar technology in Europe. Also while at LCI, Fergason was part of an effort to use cholesteric liquid crystals for thermal mapping used, in particular, to screen for breast cancer. He participated in the discovery of smectic C liquid crystal phase.
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    2008 December 09
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    Inventor of an improved liquid crystal display
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