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Member of the IBM Institute for Business Value within IBM Global Services. Jim Cortada joined IBM in 1974 as a salesman, and held a variety of sales and marketing management jobs prior to joining the IBM Consulting Group in 1993. He has led numerous management consulting engagements concerned with process reengineering, distance learning strategies, change management, and strategic use of IT. His clients have included utility companies, universities, IBM, manufacturing firms, and grocery chains. He is currently responsible for managing a series of business research projects in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Dr. Cortada has a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in modern history. He is a member of the American Historical Association and Chairman of the Board of the Charles Babbage Foundation, and serves on the board of editors of several journals. He is a frequent speaker at business conferences and universities. Dr. Cortada is the author of 50 books and over one hundred articles on the history and management of information technologies, and is currently writing a three volume study of the role of computing and telecommunications in 46 American industries since the mid-twentieth century.
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    Noted IT historian and author. Founder and Board Member, IT History Society
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