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A computer scientist, he is Director of Cylab Mobility Research Center and Distinguished Service Professor, ECE at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley. His areas of expertise include multiprocessing and embedded systems. He earned his Ph.D. in 1988 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His thesis was titled, "A dataflow/von Neumann Hybrid Architecture". He began his career at IBM at the time of the mainframe studying and developing highly scalable computing systems. He then moved to Exa Corporation, where he was a founder and Vice President of Product Marketing. In November 1995 he joined Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as Cambridge Research Lab Director, and then went onto Compaq as Vice President of Corporate Research when DEC was acquired by Compaq. In May 2007, he became head of Nokia's Research Center (NRC) heading laboratories in Beijing, Tokyo, Palo Alto, Cambridge MA, Cambridge UK, Germany, and Finland. On the first of January 2008 he became the new Chief Technology Officer of Nokia. He was also the first member of the Board who was not based in Finland, remaining in Palo Alto. He spearheaded the effort to transform NRC into an Open Innovation center, creating "lablets" at MIT, Stanford, Tshinghua University, the University of Cambridge, and ?cole Polytechnique F?d?rale de Lausanne (EPFL). Under his leadership, NRC's previously established labs and the new lablets delivered fundamental contributions to the worldwide Long Term Evolution for 3G (LTE) standard; created and promulgated what is now the MIPI UniPro interface for high-speed, in-phone interconnectivity; created and commercialized Bluetooth Low Energy - extending wireless connectivity to coin-cell-powered sensors and other devices; and delivered new technology initiatives including TrafficWorks (using mobile phones to crowd source traffic patterns, Point and Find (augmented-reality using the mobile phone?s camera for image recognition and ?zero click? search) and the Morph Concept (opening new directions for using nanotechnology to significantly improve mobile phone functionality and usability). In September 2008 he stepped down from NRC. In 2012 he became the Director of the Cylab Mobility Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley. He remains active as a hands-on systems builder. His most recent iPhone app for radio direction finding is in use in over 70 countries, and he is actively engaged in building WiFi-based "internet of things" devices and the cloud services behind them. He serves as advisor to companies developing new technologies for ultra-low-power computing, mobile video systems, and cloud-connected mobile apps. Publications he has authored or co-authored are: ?Multithreaded computer architecture: a summary of the state of the art? Kluwer Academic Publishing. 1994, ISBN 0-7923-9477-1; with James Clawson, Kent Lyons, Alex Rudnick, and Thad Starner: ?Automatic whiteout++: correcting mini-QWERTY typing errors using keypress timing?, CHI 2008: 573-582; ?Platform Thinking in Embedded Systems. SAMOS 2005; with Asim Smailagic, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Anton T. Dahbura and Len Bass, ?MoCCA: a mobile communication and computing architecture?, Mobile Computing and Communications Review 3(4): 39-46 (1999); with Asim Smailagic, Daniel P. Siewiorek, Anton T. Dahbura and Len Bass, Steve Eddleston, Bob Hanson, and Ed Chang, ?MoCCa: A Mobile Communication and Computing Architecture?, ISWC 1999: 64-71; with Brian S. Eberman, Blair Fidler, Christopher F. Joerg, Leonidas I. Kontothanassis, David E. Kovalcin, Pedro J. Moreno, Michael J. Swain, Jean-Manuel Van Thong: ?Indexing Multimedia for the Internet?, VISUAL 1999, 195-202; ?Two Fundamental Issues in Multiprocessing?, Parallel Computing in Science and Engineering 1987, 61-88; and ?A Critique of Multiprocessing von Neumann Style?, ISCA 1983: 426-436.
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    Led NRC's previously established labs and the new lablets to deliver fundamental contributions to the worldwide Long Term Evolution for 3G (LTE) standard
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