• 1921 November 22
    (b.) -
    2005 July 25


Henry Francis Sherwood was born in Berlin, as Henry Weizenbaum, who was a German-born computer pioneer, who later took the American citizenship. One of his brothers was a computer scientist and science critic Joseph Weizenbaum (1923-2008). Henry Weizenbaum's parents were the Hofk?rschnermeister Yechiel Weizenbaum and his second wife Henrietta. The father had been a son from his first marriage, Leo Weizenbaum. In January 1923, his younger brother Joseph Weizenbaum was born. The wealthy family lived in the Charlotte Street near the Gendarmenmarkt. First Heinz Weizenbaum attended Luisenst?dtischer secondary school, were allowed to visit on the basis of Jewish law, no public school students more and he moved to a Jewish school. In 1935 he celebrated his bar mitzvah in the synagogue at the Pheasant Street. Because of the greater pressures on Jewish people in Germany, the family decided to emigrate to the United States. The necessary guarantees presented in Detroit, living relatives, so that the tree of wheat could go in January 1936 in Bremerhaven aboard the ocean liner Bremen and leave Germany. The family settled in Detroit, where his father was active in the fur trade. Heinz Weizenbaum quickly learned English and joined in the ROTC. After graduating from high school, he defied the wishes of his father to enter the fur trade, and temporary way to work in a clothing store. The Catholic personnel manager of the shop made him aware of the Capuchin monk Father Solanus Casey, with whom he soon joined friendship. He decided to convert and was baptized in 1940 by Casey. In 1942, Henry volunteered Weizenbaum volunteered for the army. Because of his ROTC training, and his German origins, he was expected to receive an officer's training and to be moved to Europe. However, he was the 33rd Infantry Division, assigned, which was established in the Pacific. The legal situation at that time required for a foreign assignment, the soldier, the U.S. possessed American citizenship. So Henry Weizenbaum was born on 4 June 1943, naturalized shortly before his unit shipped to Hawaii, in a fast track. During the Naturalization of the judges noted that a new citizen has the right to choose a new name. Weizenbaum chose the name of Henry Francis Sherwood. Francis, he chose the name after one of his idols, the St. Francis, the surname after the forest from the stories of Robin Hood. During the war, Sherwood was involved in operations in New Guinea, Morotai, the Philippines and most recently in the occupation of Japan. From 1966 to 1977 he was head of European Diebold Research Program in Germany. He then founded his company Sherwood & Associates, based in Bad Homburg, the security of data centers and IT-tested installations. Sherwood died at the age of 83 at one infection after initially recovering from bypass surgery. He was married twice and had nine daughters and one son.