• 1931
    (b.) -
    2011 August 31


Tony Sale has had a varied career including service in the RAF, working for MI5 (Part of the UK secret service), working at Marconi Research, running a software company for 12 years, and being an active member of the British Computer Society (BCS). He was a member of the group which set up the Computer Conservation Society - a joint effort by the BCS and the London Science Museum - which aimed to preserve or reconstruct pioneer computer projects in the UK. He is most noted for leading the team which over a period of 15 years or so reconstructed the code breaking Colossus Computer at Bletchly Park. He is known for his indefatigable energy in doing the impossible - reconstruction a complex machine when its original and all design material had been destroyed in the interests of secrecy. The reconstructed Colossus was brought back to life in 2005