• 1942 March 13
    (b.) - ?


Cutler's software career started at a small company he founded called Agrippa-Ord, located in Monument Square, Concord, Massachusetts (or possibly in Acton, Massachusetts), marketing software for the LINC and PDP-8 computers. In October of 1988 he joined with Microsoft and led the development of Windows NT. Later, he worked on targeting Windows NT to Digital's 64-bit Alpha architecture. He was officially involved with the Windows XP Pro 64-bit and Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit releases, as well as Windows Vista. He moved to working on Microsoft's Live Platform in August 2006. Dave Cutler was awarded the prestigious status of Technical Fellow at Microsoft.
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    1942 March 13
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    Software engineer and developer of several operating systems including RSX-11M, VMS, VAXELN, and Windows NT
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