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Recently named IBM’s CTO and technical leader of Mobile First, a new generation of mobile enterprise solutions that combines the power and ease of use of iOS with IBM's industry knowledge, consulting, and delivery services and provides an enterprise-class cloud solution for building and deploying elegant, integrated apps for iOS., he has shaped the future of IBM's business in mobile computing and delivered innovative products and services to Web browser and server based standards. He is a pioneer in technology that promotes end-user interaction through mobility, Web programming, Web application middleware, and software tools. He led the development of key software technologies including HTML/JavaScript runtime libraries, XML middleware, Web services runtime libraries, Eclipse Web integration, and Web 2.0 enterprise collaboration services. While he wasn’t part of developing that original mobile phone, he’s playing an oversized role today in keeping the company at the forefront of mobile enterprise technology. A native New Yorker, in January 2013 he began working for IBM at Yorktown Heights, New York in the Hudson Valley region where he lives with his wife and three children. His early work focused on web browser middleware, JavaScript and XML technologies. He, and a few like-minded software engineering colleagues, looked at these technologies from the end users’ point of view, which led to IBM's first JavaScript user interface libraries and client-side implementations of what became web standards, such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). In 2008 – the year after Apple released the first iPhone – his team started putting business service apps on the iOS store, which in turn revealed additional opportunities in security and data analytics issues that businesses faced as they moved to mobile computing. Months later he and a group of Research colleagues led the Global Technology Outlook (GTO) topic, Mobile Enterprise. It led to an entirely new category of applications that blended web and mobile platforms into a hybrid model still used in many IBM products used today. (IBM’s 2012 acquisition of WorkLight focuses entirely on this hybrid model.) He was named an IBM Fellow in 2013. He is the co-author of “Integrating Web Technologies in Eclipse”, IBM Systems Journal, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2005 with Olivier Gruber; and “Best Practice Guide for Portable Java Components”, IBM Research Report RC24092, 2006, with Yun-Wu Huang, Matt Hogstrom, and Dain Sundstrom. He also authored the "Enterprise Mobile" and the "Mobile First" theses that are the cornerstone of IBM's mobile strategy and execution. He will serve as technology ambassador to Kenya.
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    A pioneer in technology that promotes end-user interaction through mobility, Web programming, Web application middleware, and software tools
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