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An Instructor at the Boston University School of Management and a member of the ITEC faculty, he has been a Venture Partner at Morganthaler Ventures since 1998 where he focuses on information technology with a focus on components and software. Prior to joining Morgenthaler, he was involved in a wide range of information technology companies and worked with Aptis Communication, NBX, BlueGill, and WebSpective. He served as CEO of Atria Software, where he built a software business that developed, distributed, and supported a high‐end management system for large software development teams. He took Atria public in 1994, and merged it with Pure Software in 1996. Prior to Atria, he served as Vice President of Engineering at Boston Technology, where he produced Telco central office‐based voice mail. Previously he worked in several engineering and business development positions at ON Technology, Prime Computer Distributors Inc. and Apollo Computer, Inc. He also served eight years at Apollo Computer Inc. He holds a B.S and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.