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Historian, scientist, and the author or contributor to over 20 books including Pioneers and Plodders: “The American Entrepreneurial Spirit”, for over 25 years he was an engineer, entrepreneur and executive in the computer industry. While at Computer Control Company, he was Program Manager for the Mariner II (Venus) and the Mariner IV (Mars) onboard space computers. At Honeywell, he was Worldwide System's Manager for the minicomputer business. In 1971, he founded, and was first President and Chief Executive Officer of Prime Computer, one of Fortune 500's largest American companies - a worldwide business. He is the founder and President of Fulcrum Publishing a Colorado-based book publishing company specializing in fields of conservation, history, biography, Native American writing, gardening, travel, and children's books. He is currently writing a book on the history of business in America. He also writes and lectures on the development and application of communications technology and its impact on our society. He chairs the American Antiquarian Society and is former Vice Chair of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, trustee of the Lincoln Filene Center at Tufts University, and Director of the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute and the Thoreau Society." He lives in Colorado. He is on the Executive Committee, World Wilderness Congress and is Chairman of the Board of the WILD Foundation.
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    Program Manager for the Mariner II (Venus) and the Mariner IV (Mars) onboard space computers
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