• 1924
    (b.) -
    1998 October 03


Evans attended the University of Utah and studied electrical engineering; he earned his doctorate degree in physics. Evans first worked at the Bendix aviation electronics company, where he acted as project manager in 1955 to develop what some describe as an early personal computer that ran on an interpretive operating system. The Bendix G-15 was a bulky unit about the size of a two door refrigerator. He stayed with the company just long enough to manage the G-16 project. Evans subsequently worked on the GENIE multi-user timesharing system while at the University of California, Berkeley. Evans was appointed a member of UC Berkeley's faculty. In addition, through his work at the Pentagon's Advanced Research Project Agency, he made key developments in the field of virtual memory. His first important works with graphics also dates from that period, when he did several experiments on an IDIOM display hooked up to a DEC PDP-5.
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    1998 October 03
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    Pioneer of computer generated imagery
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