• 1927 February 09
    (b.) -
    2004 December 13


David Wheeler was one of the team working on the Cambridge EDSAC in the early 1950s. He pioneered a number of what are now regarded as standard programming techniques including closed sub-routines. The elegance of his coding of the EDSAC Initial Orders in only 30 words of store are still a model of what a good programmer can achieve. He subsequently became head of the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, Professor of Computer Science at Cambridge and continued to make important contributions to computing throughout his life. In October 2003, David Wheeler was inducted into the Hall of Fellows of the Computer History Museum, California, for his contributions to computer science
  • Date of Birth:

    1927 February 09
  • Date of Death:

    2004 December 13
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    Computer pioneer and inventor of the 'closed subroutine'
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