• 1931
    (b.) -
    2005 June 12


Goto has conducted research in various fields. The research on parametron in his young days resulted in his Doctor's Degree from the University of Tokyo. in March, 1962. He served as Vice president of IFIP from 1971 to 1974, as a member of the steering board of the IPSJ several times, and was nominated as an Honorable Member of IPSJ in 1994. In 1954, when he was a graduate student of Professor Takahasi's Laboratory, Goto invented a majority logic element, the parametron, which utilized parameter excitation, i.e. the oscillation phases of the LC circuit would settle in one of two stable states. Moreover, he invented dual frequency memory fit parametron circuits and word selection methods using error correcting codes. As the parametron and memory system seemed very promising, construction of the Parametron Computer was started in April, 1957. The first Parametron Computer, PC-1, was completed in March, 1958. Immediately after, Goto initiated the more advanced machine, PC-2, which was built by Fujitsu, Ltd.
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    2005 June 12
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    Inventor of the parametron computer
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