• 1925 December 13
    (b.) - ?


Herbert Freeman took strong interest in computer graphics. He published numerous works on geometric patterns from ?61 and was a co-founder with Azriel Rosenfeld of the University of Maryland of the Journal of Computer Graphics and Image Processing in ?70. Later it changed its name to Computer Graphics, Vision, and Image Processing Journal, and with the expansion of the industry, the journal was split into two in the 1990s. In the latter part of the interview, Freeman explains a clear distinction between computer science and computer engineering and states his involvement in map data processing. In the early 1980s he succeeded in developing an automatic labeling system for map data, a highly complex process for computers. The interview concludes with Freeman?s work as president of the International Association for Pattern Recognition, his position as director of the Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity at Rutgers, and finally as president of MapText, Inc., a firm he founded to commercialize software for the automatic labelng of maps.
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    1925 December 13
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    Contributor to the field of automatic label placement, computer graphics, including anti-aliasing, and machine vision
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