• 1935 February 09
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Mathematics and Philosophy graduate from Cambridge University in 1050s, PhD on Information Retrieval. He worked on a variety of key computing projects in security, operating systems, computer architecture (capability systems) and local area networks. Among his theoretical contributions is the development of the Burrows-Abadi-Needham logic for authentication, generally known as the BAN logic. His Needham-Schroeder (co-invented with Michael Schroeder) security protocol forms the basis of the Kerberos authentication and key exchange system. He also codesigned the TEA and XTEA encryption algorithms. Became head of Laboratory in 1980. Elected as Fellow of Royal Society in 1985, awarded the CBE in 2001 for services to computing. The British Computer Society, in 2004, established an annual Roger Needham Award in Needham's honour Although best known for his work in cryptography, Roger made contributions to many areas of computer science
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    1935 February 09
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    Head of Cambridge University Computing Laboratory, designer of cryptography and security systems,
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