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The bibliography's links are accessed through the following subject headings: 1) Surveys and Historiography, 2) Babbage and the Mechanical Vision (1830s--1900), 3) The Analog Era (1920--50s), 4) The Digital Divide (1935--55), 5) Commerce and Science (1950--70), 6) Computers and Cold War (1950s--80s), 7) Software and AI (1950s--90s), 8) Minicomputers, Chips, and Change (1960s--80s), 9) Personal Computers (1970--90s) and 10) Networked World (1980--present). Links to "Topics and Institutions" for MIT, Silicon Valley, Policy and International Studies, Gender and Computing, History of Engineering, Global and Culture, and Military Microelectronics.
Charles Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota, 211 Andersen Library 222 21st Avenue South
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Thomas Misa
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informational resource only. "Tom Misa's thematic bibliography comprises more than 200 items, including journal articles, books, and links to many key online resources in the field" (excerpted from CBI's website).
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