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Help on a History of IBM

Dear fellow members of ITHS, I am an historian, serve on the board of ITHS, and worked at IBM for 38 years. Some of you may have seen books I have written on the history of the IT industry over the years. I am now going to write a large, full history of IBM from the 1880s to the present and need your help in acquiring copies of notes, presentations, and any other records you may have that help me fill in details, especially on the following topics: --How senior management responded to the Antitrust suit, 1969-1982 and also what were specific consequences/effects on IBM's behavior in the years afterward --History of the PC company--we know almost nothing about its internal operations in the 1980s-90s --Early history of IBM services in the 1980s --Copies of site newsletters --Copies of your resumes --Branch Office reviews and customer proposals --Anything else you think relevant to the history of IBM --Covering any country, not just the USA Anything you send me I will eventually donate to the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota for permanent preservation. Anything I write in which I mention or quote you I will run by you to make sure what I said is OK. I can be reached at [email protected]. My mailing address is 2917 Irvington Way, Madison, Wisconsin 53713 USA. Thanks in advance for your help. James W. Cortada Senior Research Fellow Charles Babbage Institute University of Minnesota [email protected]

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