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Two Dispatches from the U.K.

Despite my dissertation research on Konrad Zuse, I've been accused of a bias toward the American side of computer history. Here are a couple of news items from the U.K. that may offset that. The first concerns what may be the first recording of music generated by a computer--the Manchester "Baby," in 1951! That is 6 years before the famous Bell Labs demonstration, which was the inspiration for "HAL" in 2001, a Space Odyssey. Have a listen, courtesy of the BBC. The second is an announcement of the opening of a new exhibit on Charles Babbage and his Difference Engine, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. As you may have heard, the Museum is exhibiting a working, full-scale replica, pictured here, of Babbage's Difference Engine. Thanks to Alan J. Weissberger for this information. These two items may help, but are not enough to give non-U.S. topics their due. Check with this blog for future posting that will address this issue more directly.

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