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What's a Blog?

A couple of months ago, when I was asked to become a contributor to this blog, my first reaction was, "Right. What's a Blog?" For many years I had been following the writings and software ideas of Dave Winer, who I believe was the "inventor" of the blog. I remember, years ago, when he first described the idea (he called it a "weblog.").  I recall being puzzled by it. Now, here I am doing one.  Winer says a blog is simply a way for an individual to express his or her take on things. So that is what this will be, at least for now. By the way, Winer is one of the most creative and fascinating people out there: check out his blog "Scripting News

rayandtim.jpgI was also reminded of a statement made by Tim Berners-Lee, (seen here with Ray Tomlinson, in Bozeman, Montana, April 28, 2000) on the occasion of his receiving an award from the American Computer Museum of Bozeman, Montana. Tim said that his World Wide Web was only half done--it was easy to read material posted on it, but hard to post to it. The blog solves that.  

So far, I am finding that it is indeed easy, although I am still navigating my way around. OK, I'll stop for now--let's see how this goes, and stay tuned.

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